Uncovering New Connections – Films about Madge Gill

Plashet Grove, East Ham

About this record

This film is an interview with Madge Gill’s second cousin, Betty Newman, who was born in Mitcham, Surrey in 1934.

Her mother Betty (née Gatenby) often took her and her two brothers, Peter & Paul, to Woodford to visit their, and Madge Gill’s, great Aunt Carrie (Caroline) and great Uncle Alf (Alfred) who both died in 1940.

Gill also visited the family home in Woodford throughout her life. The following conversation explores Betty’s memories of the family and her personal connection to Madge Gill. Watch the video to find out more about her story. gives an insight into Madge Gill’s early life and relationship with her family.

“I think she was, through her work, seeking. Whether it was the product of the war… People seeking memories of their lost ones” (Betty)

The interview gives an insight into Madge Gill’s early life and relationship with her family.

This interview is by Works by Madge Gill and directed by Curator Sophie Dutton, with the aim of sharing Madge Gill’s artwork and story with the communities Gill was originally connected to.

You can view a further film interviewing Michael Theis, son of Louise Theis, a well respected journalist and friend of Madge Gill’s.  Michael describes watching Gill make her drawings at the kitchen table, when he visited her house as a child.

Additional record details

  • Type: Videos
  • Date created: 23/04/2019
  • Location: Plashet Grove, East Ham

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