Madge Gill inspired dye workshop with artist Lola Lely

June 2020

About this record

“If I had been a man I would have gone abroad & studied Botany, Himalayan rare flowers”   

(Madge Gill)

Contemporary artist Lola Lely has devised a bundle dyeing workshop inspired by Madge Gill’s painterly aesthetic and her practice of creating all her artwork from home.  As such it aims to be a project that can be enjoyed from home, using materials found around the house, including foraged plants & food waste.

Suitable for all ages.

Artist Lola Lely planned this workshop to be delivered to Newham community members for Newham Heritage Month and following 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.  Lola developed this simple and home based workshop to share her inspiration from Madge Gill’s painterly style and the joy of slow-living and making at home during the unique situation of social distancing.

Lola has shared her drawn storyboard, showing her careful planning to make sure her workshop is clear to people taking part from home for Newham Heritage Month.

The workshop has been created by Works By Madge Gill in collaboration with The Line, you can read their contributor page here.

Drawn storyboard of workshop by Lola Lely showing technique of hand dyeing and tying fabric

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