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About VE Day

VE Day on 8th May 1945 marked the end of World War 2 in Europe and was celebrated across the country. In Newham, the worst hit London borough, constant bombing had caused widespread loss of life and damage to buildings. You can explore the memories and stories from our resilient community as the country marks the 75th anniversary. Hear how their wit and determination helped lead the country through the post-war years of recovery.

VE Day's Records
Memories of post-war Newham
Forest Gate, London

Harrington ‘Harry’ Cumberbatch MBE shares his memories of moving from Barbados to post-war Newham.


Eva Headley
St Luke's Square, London

Eva was 11 when the war began. She shares her memories of the start of the Blitz in September 1940, being evacuated to Somerset, wartime rationing and the VE Day...


Auberon Street VE Day party
Silvertown, London

Roy was a young boy living near the Docks when the Blitz started. He shares his memories air raids, Anderson shelters and VE Day street parties.


Major Road Community Centre, Stratford

It’s over! A spontaneous celebration remembered by Iris, Joyce, Rita, Lou and Jean at Major Road Community Centre the women who have lived in Stratford all their lives and remember...


Stratford, London

Keith was born whilst his mother was evacuated to Oxford in 1941 but returned to live in Stratford for his whole life and remembers the excitement of children at the...


Forest Gate, London

Bernard Ball was born in 1935 in Forest Gate maternity hospital lived all his life in Forest Gate his brief memory of a bonfire that left lasting damage to the...


St George’s Road, Forest Gate

Derek Calder lived all his life in St George’s Road just off Green Street born in 1921 but after spending 10 months in Aldersbrook Memorial Hospital in East Ham, Derek...


Beryl Riches
Plaistow, London

Beryl Riches, was born during the Second World War whilst her mother was evacuated from Plaistow but returned to the area working at Selwyn Primary School for many years As...


A parachute bomb in residential street
Grenadier Street, North Woolwich

Here’s the surprising story from 79 years ago straight from the marvellous memory of one of the area’s oldest inhabitants, 94 year-old Joan Plant. This story, gathered by journalist Colin...


Shandy story newspaper clipping
East Ham
7 May 1970

A VE Day memory that revealed so much about life in a few sentences came in a letter sent to the Newham Recorder 50 years ago in May 1970. The...


Story of a returning soldier
14 May 1970

One of the most amazing local stories from VE Day in 1945 was revealed 50 years ago in a letter from an ex serviceman. Colin Johnson lived in Winsor Terrace,...


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