Shops in Stratford: Volunteer Community Photographers

Stratford E15
12 April 2021
Chimey Cake stall owner Nikolett and her partner Zoltan. Photo by Binal Patel, April 2021

About this record

On 12 April, the weekend before all shops were able to open with the easing of lockdown, the Volunteer Community Photographers took portraits of local businesses and spoke to the shopkeepers and workers about Newham Heritage Month’s theme of Shops, Docks and factories.

I like the theme of Shops – especially now as everyone, every small shop needs the support of the community – Nikolett owner of Chimney Cake Paradise

Gary Wrench owner of G&R Butchers. Photo by Greg Caballero
Balinder Kullar in her shop, Girl of Sandwich. Photo by Dionne Lynch
Ben Sewell from Sewells florist. Photo by Bea Erdelyszky
Vasan Patel from London Stores. Photo by Binal Patel

Newham Heritage Month would like to thank our team of Volunteer Community Photographers – Greg Caballero, Mayowa Soluade, Bea Erdelyszky, Binal Patel, Chris Topher, Armony Bonney, Dionne Lynch, Gabriela Belmar-Valencia and Sarah Swanston. And to Photographer Keith Martin for his support of the group.

Read more about our volunteers in blogs written by Greg Caballero, a resident of Newham for 40 years and Binal Patel who moved to the area in 2018.


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