Newham Rights Centre

Romford Road

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Newham Rights Centre was set up in the early 1970s set up on the Romford Road part of a national movement to set up law centres to provide accessible legal advice.

Thank you to Ilona Aronovsky for assistance with this record.

Newham Rights Centre, set up in the early 1970s as part of the national law centres movement, provided legal advice to Newham residents in immigration and nationality, employment law, housing and welfare rights. In particular, its advice and legal team led and won landmark cases in racial discrimination and police harassment, such as the Newham 7 and Newham 8 and Justice for the Pryce Campaign. Newham Rights Centre used their expertise and knowledge to help local residents to save their homes, keep their jobs, protect families from racial and police harassment and reunite families divided by UK immigration laws.

Gulshun Rehman worked for a small charity which was based at NRC. The Newham Immigration and Social Advice Service (NISAS) specialised in providing immigration and nationality advice to families divided by harsh and cruel UK laws and practices. Advocating for the rights and protection of women and girls was an important area of work for NISAS, which led to the setting up of Newham Asian Women’s Project.

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