Still Keeping the Fight Alive

Forest Gate, London

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To give context to East End Women’s Museum’s talk with activist Gulshun Rehman, Gulshun has selected this film to give a sense of Newham in the 1980s and our rich history of anti-racism and activism.

Here to Stay!: Women of Colour and Community Activism in Newham in the 1980s.
Gulshun Rehman, co-founder of Newham Asian Women’s Project, talks about setting up
the group against the political backdrop of Thatcher’s new Conservative government and
the rise of the National Front. Now a trustee of the East End Women’s Museum, Gulshun
will be joined by Rachel Crossley, Museum Director, to share her memories of the time
and parallels today.

A short film by Rayna Nadeem on the history of Newham Monitoring Project.

Earlier in the month we hosted a live discussion with Rachel Crossley and Gulshun Rehman

You can watch the recording of the discussion below

This video has been shared courtesy of Newham Monitoring Project to coincide with Gulshun Rehman in conversation with Rachel Crossley from East End Women’s Museum.

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1 - 31 May 2021