Memories of St Mary’s

East Ham

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One of Eastside Community Heritage first projects was a collection of oral histories and a publication about St Mary Magdalene, East Ham

The publication, with a collection of stories from people connected with the church is available to view in Stratford Library Local Studies Room on the first floor.


St Mary Magdalene is a church with a long history, many books have been written about the church building and its important architectural and historical features.

Memories of St Mary’s focused on the story of the people who attend the church, those that cared for it.

Reverend Quintin Peppiat said of the project

“How the history that we have; can be useful for the community nowadays and towards an understanding of the present and the future”

Thank you to the many local people who contributed to the project and the publication by sharing their memories and photographs.

Click on the sound files below to hear Joan Short who recounts the story of how her family moved around the east end and settled in East Ham with the church at the centre of that community (3 short clips).

Norman Lipman remembers the vibrancy of East Ham High Street known as a “Parade” with everyone showing off their finery (2 short clips).


Click on the sound files below to hear voices from 1998 interviewed by East Community Heritage.

Eucharist 1960
Children celebrating Easter 2000
Historic publication showing the external facade of St Mary's a celebrated Norman Church

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