Jill Myers – Dancing at Tate Institute

Tate & Lyle Silvertown

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The young men and women of Silvertown and North Woolwich knew how to enjoy themselves back in the day, and the Tate Institute was one of the venues that kept them all young at heart.  Jill Myers worked at the factory for many years and sadly  passed away in 2014.  Her family shared her diary memories with Royal Docks and Learning Activity Centre’s project Movies from Memories: From Scanner to Screen 

Born Jill Myers, she grew up in North Woolwich and Silvertown, attending Elizabeth Street School. She was married in the 1940s and loved the local entertainment provided. Later widowed, she married and became Jill Sidoli. 

“Tate & Lyle’s were one of many factories providing places in the community not only for their workers but the wider community. We had some wonderful evenings at the Institute,” she wrote.

“It was an evening out that was full of joy and laughter and you could just forget yourself for a few hours, dancing to live music. We felt so lucky to have this place in our lives.”

She also mentions other factories in her diaries that provided social activities – these included STC and Henry Cables, Loders and Nucoline and Kiellers

Workers came from in from other parts of East London as well as from Essex. Many would come in by steam train, or come in via the pedestrian tunnel under the Thames or the Woolwich Ferry.

In the same section of her diary, Jill also talked about Royal Victoria Gardens, North Woolwich, where the family ‘dressed in their finest’ to stroll around the park where a brass bad could usually be found.



Jill giving a salute in 2012. Photo courtesy of Colin Grainger

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