Illustrating Cody Docks: Online Workshop for Young People

Thursday 13 May 5-6pm
  • Free
  • Youth
Image courtesy Ada Jusic

In this illustration workshop, aimed at young participants aged 14+, led by illustrator Ada Jusic.  

Participants will design a poster that contrasts the historical and contemporary lives of people who lived and worked in and around Cody Docks.

Learn about the lives of the Cody Dock workers then and now – what kind of work they undertook, how and where they lived and how this has changed from the early 19th Century to the present day.

Before the workshop, the artist will send attendees a digital inspiration pack with a task to complete before you meet online.

Ada Jusic is an illustrator and animator with six years’ experience in graphic facilitation, animation and creative workshops. Her work is strongly influenced by storytelling, dialogue and investigation, particularly the stories and experiences of marginalised communities.

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