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About Parrabbola

Parrabbola tells stories. From tiny rural communities to major international festivals, we work with people within their own localities using creativity to help them engage with, learn about and celebrate the places where they live. It is both reflective and celebratory. We’ve made work about miners in Yorkshire and female pirates in Essex. We’ve carried Juliet’s body through the streets of a Romanian city, and burnt a Viking longboat on a village beach. We’ve made projects that ask people to explore and question their place in the world and how they can change it.

Our work is largely performative, drawing on a range of artforms. We have a very successful track record of working in communities across the UK and internationally, and we were invited to showcase our work at the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam in 2011, and again in 2017.




Parrabbola's Records
The Old Spotted Dog
June 2020

You can hear four dramatised stories from key locations and moments in Newham’s recent history; The Seaman’s Mission in Custom House, Bruner Works, Silvertown and The Old Spotted Dog all...


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