What is Heritage? How to start your heritage project in Newham

Stratford Library
May 2020

About this record

A training resource developed for Heritage Month by UCL Special Collections Head of Outreach Vicky Price.

This informative video has been made for people who are new to research and is suitable for schools as well as older viewers.

The video will help you to find out what heritage is, where you can find it and get ideas about how to kick start researching your own heritage project in Newham including what you can expect at a visit to Newham’s Local Studies room at Stratford Library.

The video is subtitled and lasts 16 minutes.

You can contact UCL Special Collections Outreach team with your heritage research questions or if you would like to have a visit from the team to your school or community group.

You can visit the contributor page for more information.

A participant in an adult education project in Camden
A Year 8 summer school programme run at UCL
A UCL Special Collections project at the East Summer School
Helen Biggs (UCL Special Collections) and participants at the East Summer School

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