Time Capsule

Terence Brown Arc, Hermit Park Road, Bethell Avenue, E16 4JT
June 2020

About this record

AAA and Heritage Newham have devised The Covid-19 time capsule sponsored by British Legion Industries and Time Capsules UK.

AAA and Heritage Newham have devised an exciting opportunity for you to be involved in creating tomorrow’s heritage

The Covid-19 time capsule

A ‘Time Capsule’ capturing and recording Covid-19 inNewham – which will be opened in 2070

They need your help…

Newham’s young people between 5 and 18 are invited to send in their personal experiences of Covid-19 in Newham through prose, poetry and pictures
Contributions will be collected over the next six months, until December 2020.

The capsule will include

  • Photographs of Newham in lockdown
  • Tweets, cartoons and texts
  • Local newspapers and community newsheets
  • Records, statistics and opinion pieces
  • Official Government and local Government Covid-19 documentation

Schools, youth clubs and parents can click here to see the flyer.

Please contact AAA to send in your contribution.

Additional record details

  • Date created: June 2020
  • Location: Terence Brown Arc, Hermit Park Road, Bethell Avenue, E16 4JT

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