Prefabs in Newham by Peter Williams

Wanstead Flats
May 2020

About this record

Newham Heritage Month volunteer Peter Williams, gives a personal account of his interest in the history of “prefabs” (pre-fabricated, temporary housing) in Newham.  Peter previously worked as a housing officer for Newham Council.  This personal account will be close to the heart of anyone who has experienced a “prefab”.


“I know people were very upset about them demolishing the prefabs because people actually liked them, they liked them a lot. In fact when they rehoused people from the prefabs into what we call “proper” housing, other people squatted [in the prefabs] almost straight away and it took ages for them to get rid of them because people would not move out.”

Mr Bernard 2007

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Black and white photo of family standing in front of prefabricated houses in Wansted Flats, East London

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