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Forest Gate Arts have created The Forest Gate Memory Map with local residents, businesses, historians and artists, through a partnership with researchers from the Bartlett Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London.

The memory map is a collaborative work in progress, and it reflects the contributions of the local community.

Hazel Goldman was one of residents who took part in the memory map project. Below is a recording of her talking about her family making a home in Newham, and the importance of the synagogue in Earlham Grove. Click on the sound file below to hear her story.

Also featured on the memory map is Rob Des Roches, one of the founders and Directors of Forest Gayte Pride talking about setting up the festival and procession in 2017

Initially we didn’t know how people would respond to us, so we were really surprised and happy when it was so positive

The UK's first temporary rainbow crossing in Forest Gate. Photograph courtesy of Rob Des Roches 2017

To explore other stories on the memory map click here

If you have stories to share and want to get involved, contact us to find out about upcoming storytelling and mapping workshops.

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