Drawing Woodrange Road, Past and Present – the exhibition

Woodgrange Road, E7
1 May 2021

About this record

Demonstrating the links between Independent traders on the high street today, and the history of traders from the past. These connections were brought to life through the creative medium of drawing, used as a means to discover more about the history of the high street.

Screenshot of the online course, April 2021
The Eagle and Child by Carrollynne Antoun
The Deli on the Corner by Ishita Gupta
Globe Cafe by Babar Javed
Giovanna’s Present Day bt Ewan Morrison @ewan.sketch
Fiore Pasta Van, Behind Bars by Nancy Maguire
Molly & Bill Stevens Florist by Katie Reynolds
Number 8 Forest Gate Emporium by Andrea Miriam
Robinsons Furnishings @E7 by Isaac Samuels

Throughout April and May, the contributing Newham artists continued to be inspired by their local area and researching the visual clues to heritage in the area. The following are drawings and paintings that have been completed during May – it seems like this project may continue well beyond the end of May 2021.


Connie & Sons, From Small Beginnings by Carrollynne Antoun
Cups and Jars, The Early Days by Carrollynne Antoun
Fiore Pasta Van, Site One by Nancy Maguire
Forest Gate Public Hall, 1900 by Lorraine Tapper
Forest Gate Travel by Babar Javed
Glimpses of the Past in the Present by Ishita Gupta
Gobels Bakers 74 Dames Road 1913 by Katie Reynolds
Impression of Robinsons Interior by Bronwen Williams
Newham Heritage by Andrea Mirium
Woodgrange Road & Sebert Road Corner, Forest Gate. 2021 & c1911 by Rosemary Lucas
35 Woodgrange Road, Madinah Dry Cleaners by Hedy Richards
Dunn & Co, Hats & Jars by Ewan Morrison @ewan.sketch
E7 Fireplaces _You Can't Help but Read it_ Style by Carrollynne Antoun
Giovanna's Past, Healty Whisky by Ewan Morrison @ewan.sketch
Madinah Dry Cleaners by Hedy Richards
Woodgrange Road Past and Present Map by Ewan Morrison

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1 - 31 May 2021