Cromwell Stores

Woodman Parade, E16
17 April 2021

About this record

When Jazzys’ parents moved to North Woolwich in 1961 from Kapurthala in The Punjab they were one of the few Sikh families in the area. His Father worked at ‘Spillers‘ and Jazzy and his 4 siblings became a mainstay of the close knit community; owning two convenience stores, a bakers and a pub, The Henley Arms, until last year.


Jazzy and Kulwant. Image by Sylvie Belbouab.

Jazzy has run Cromwell Stores with his wife Kulwant and their sons for 35 years but is planning to ‘Hand the keys back’ and retire in a few months. His long time friend and neighbour Dionne put us in touch with him.

This is a short film about life growing up in the thriving Docks, surviving the Ferry Festival Pram race and selling fish hooks to catch sea bass in the newly ‘cleansed’ Thames.

Our Community call out was scheduled for 3pm on 17th April, the exact time of Prince Philips funeral which directly impacted on the turn out.

Photography by Sylvie Belbouab
Jazzy and Dionne. Photography by Sylvie Belbouab
Woodman Parade, 1976. Image courtesy Newham Archives
Royal Albert Dock from Connaught swing bridge.1984. Image courtesy London Borough of Newham Archives

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