Children and Young People’s Heritage Projects

Canning Town

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Based in Canning Town, Ambition Aspire Achieve provide young people with opportunities to take part in projects inspiring a new generation of heritage enthusiasts.


There are many ways to get involved.  Read the descriptions of the groups run below and contact AAA to enquire.

Young Heritage Explorers Club (juniors 8 to 11/ seniors 12 to 16)

Monthly meetings and trips to heritage locations, workshops, speakers, competitions and Arts Award qualification.

Young Heritage Explorers from Newham proudly display their artwork inspired by the history of the local area




Themed Young Heritage days

A themed day exploring a particular event or person in history through workshops and activities including: designing t-shirts or badges, making a DVD, building Lego models, designing and painting a mural, drama and role play and expert speakers.

Young heritage enthusiasts take part in a t-shirt design workshop to commemorate World War 1


Junior Heritage Walks and Cycles

Outings exploring the heritage of a specific area or a theme in Newham and further afield.

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