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The New Curators Project is a programme by UCL Special Collections and Newham Heritage Month to give 11 young people in East London the skills and experience necessary to start a career in the cultural heritage sector.

The 2021 New Curators have put together a pop-up banner exhibition that will be touring Newham libraries as part of Newham Heritage Month and programmed a special event to share their exhibition with you. You can register to attend this free online event run by the New Curators here.

Get to know our New Curators 2021:

Hi my name is Nabilah Khan. I am 18 years old and I am currently studying A Level Geography, Politics and Sociology. Some of my interests are reading, learning about different cultures and the history of Bangladesh and my own community. I am most looking forward to developing my research skills and learning how exhibitions are created.

Hi my name is Noussaiba Belbouab. I am interested in creating and expressing myself through art, fashion and makeup. I last studied A levels in Law, Biology and Psychology. I am looking forward to being involved in a project where I can interact with people who are also interested in arts.

Hi, my name is Naima. I like eating and love trying new cuisines whenever I can. I’ve never been the best at exercise but I do like swimming as I find it quite relaxing. I’ve done my A-levels in English Lit, Spanish and Psychology and I did a year of university in English too. Now that (primary) schools have reopened, I’m volunteering for a few days a week as a TA to keep me busy during lockdown. I am really keen to get involved in interesting projects and really hope to gain skills relevant to the creative industries through this too!

My name is Yasmine and I’m interested in art, illustration and learning more about postmodernist theory; independent music scenes, and cultural events happening in London. I previously worked as A&R at Ninja Tune.

Hi my name is Soumeiya and I’m passionate about creating and sharing any type of art, whether that’s fine art or music or films.  I’m especially interested in the link between fine art and spirituality as well as strange experiences that are uncommon but happen, they are just human experiences.  I’d like to explore that link and create a lot of art that is dealing with that.  I am currently working at a part time job, while developing those skills, especially in fine art and painting.  Studying Psychology has definitely raised my interest in that link between art and spirituality, and the general human experience and what the human mind can do.  With this project, I hope that I can develop my research skills so that I can learn more about spiritual practices and look more into any sort of psychedelic experiences people have reported and link that to any type of art that I might produce.

Hi my name is Anika.  I’ve been an active campaign and have done lots of Community work, including funding and creating opportunities for young people.  I’m especially interested in youth empowerment and I’m passionate about ending child poverty and ending holiday hunger,  something that I’ve been working towards for a long time.  I’m looking forward to discussing the rich history of East London  and exploring my multilingual heritage.

My name is Fatma Athman.  I am 21 years old and my interests are fine art and fashion and reading.  I love romance books and I absolutely love fashion, whether it’s runway or just casual wear.  I’m really into fine art lately – on my Pinterest that’s all you’ll find – and oil paintings and sculptures. I studied fashion in college, I  took a level three UAL course where I got to do graphic design, architecture and textiles.  I’m also really into sewing and pattern cutting.  I’m looking forward to making an impact in my borough and my area, and seeing my work come into fruition.  I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and working as part of a team.

My name is Zi Rong Huang. I am a gap year student and looking to study Politics with Economics at University.  I have an interest in podcasts and currently running a podcast with 6 other peers in talking to young people to professionals about topics they are passionate about; topics we have covered so far are A-Levels, BLM and working in Finance.  I look to develop my knowledge in researching as I believe this will help me when I go to university.

Hi, my name is Shanthi and I live in Hackney Wick. My hobbies include computer programming and playing the guitar. I have an interest in history, both global and local history. I am most looking forward to learning about the process behind creating an exhibit, and how to go about doing the research for it on a professional level.

My Name is Jacob Fisher I am 20 years old and I am particularly interested in history, boardgames and fitness. My highest level of qualification is a level 3 in nautical science which involved a 6-month period at sea on an oil tanker, which involved visiting several countries around the world. I currently work in a chemical production factory where I perform quality control. I am hoping to find out about the inner workings of collection maintenance and presentation in order to decide if this would be a career path that I would like to pursue in the future.

Hi my name is Nazrin Rahman. I am interested in the universality of morality and how cultures interpret moral values differently. It is important to me that society understands and listens to multiple voices without there only being one dominant point of view. I am looking forward to understanding the historical development of East London and the myriad of groups within the community.



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