Young Producers at Rosetta Arts

25th May 2020 - Young Producers at Rosetta Arts

Photo of Young Producer
Young Producer for Newham Heritage Month

I am 17 years old. I am lucky enough to be a committee member of the Young Creative Newham Board and we are young producers for Newham Heritage Month. I am a full time student who is a head of house and a prefect so I’m pretty busy and don’t get to attend as many things as I would like in my free time! But I am part of a netball team.

Well of course having pizza is enjoyable (back when we had the meetings face-to-face)! But that is not the only motivation for being part of the team! Having the position of power to make a difference in people’s lives through the heritage projects and events we have selected, and giving people in Newham an opportunity to express themselves while creating diversity is very rewarding.

I feel super lucky to have been given this chance to impact lives.

Heritage, for me, is a conception of home; finding where you belong and exploring not only your roots but others as well to the point of feeling secure and safe so you feel pride in where you came from.

I have acquired an understanding of the things that go on in our community, how to award money to a project and invest carefully to make the most out of what you put in, and finally realise the amount of work operating behind the scenes in festivals such as these. It’s my first time doing this sort of thing.

Photo of Young Producer
Young Producer for Newham Heritage Month

I am thirteen years old and I am a part of the Young Creative Newham Board run by Rosetta Arts. I like to do art in my spare time as well as dancing, gymnastics and horse riding.

I found out about Newham Heritage Month through the Youth Board as well as my teachers. Heritage to me is where people come from.

Newham is a really interesting community as there are people of many races and each person has a different story to tell. I also like how there is a variety of things that can be heritage; places of worship, foods, activities and people.

I really enjoyed choosing the events and having such nice people around me.

It was really nice getting my voice heard and supporting each other’s ideas.

The organisations we chose from were really original with their ideas. This a really interesting experience for me.

Being a young producer has given me the chance to get involved with my local community. I am incredibly happy about being able to ask people questions and evaluate the whole event as it has given me skills I could possibly use in the future.